Mr & Mrs Child

I can’t wait to share this stunning wedding with you all. On Thursday 5th June 2018 I arranged to meet the lovely soon to be Mr & Mrs Child at Fanhams hall to discuss their wedding with them to make sure the children got the most from our session. I have Photographed a selection of weddings at Fanhams hall my self before so was very excited to run the first ever camera kids experience there.

When I met beverly and H I was blown away, their love for each other was so lovely it literally beamed like a light from them both, to see a couple so in-love and hear their story I felt privileged. They where glowing both with smiles and compliments for each other with little giggles and expressions of appreciation of each other. H was a true gentleman and made it clear he idolised beverly. I actually left thinking I’m so glad they found each other and honoured they have choose us to be at their wedding.

After having a walk around I knew camera kids would run perfectly at fanhams hall, the grounds are stunning with endless photo opportunities, we spoke about the day and when we would be needed from, meeting with Beverley and H allowed me to not only get to know them both but also to run the session alongside the wedding itinerary for the day.

Beverley really wanted to allow her daughter and guests to be able to relax for a few hours and enjoy the day knowing the children would be involved in the day playing mini photographers whilst being looked after by us which in-turn allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the day.

I left the meeting giving them both a big hug they where both such lovely people it felt as if I knew them already.

On my way home I rang my sister Sam discussing what had been said and the ideas we have, by the end of the conversation she was just as excited for the 30th June as i was.

It was a beautiful morning the sun was shinning an it was finally the 30th June, the BIG DAY, me and Sam where super excited and couldn’t wait to meet the children and guests at fanhams hall.

We arrived at 1PM to set up and await the arrival of 6 amazing children. Sam and I arranged the craft table with lots of mess friendly crafts ready for the children to create some beautiful cards and gifts for beverly and H along to go with with pictures. Whilst setting up the amazing magician Lee Smith introduced his self, we spoke for sometime about each others businesses and it was lovely to meet someone so supportive of our idea, he was a massive hit with the all guests at the wedding and the children loved taking pictures of him preforming his mind blowing magic.

1.30: Beverly and H are husband and wife, the children came straight to us after the ceremony as they where part of the bride party this worked best for them to start the experience after the ceremony.

When we showed them our camera kit consisting of all Fuji film digital cameras they were blown away the expressions on their faces where priceless Archie shouting ”wow can we actually use them”, Lilli-Male who was 2 was a little unsure at first but then she saw the cameras and we were best friends she couldn’t wait to use one.

We gave a camera to each child an spoke about the cameras whilst showing them how to use them, they were super excited to have a real camera to use and eager to get going. We gave them a a treasure hunt list for some inspiration on different images to capture like guests pulling a funny face, group photos of adults, a pair of wedding shoes, table decorations the bride and groom etc, This worked really well the boys all worked together like a little tribe of photographers showing their images to each other after each shot, giggling and smiling whilst capturing some really artistic pictures. Some of the children had never taken pictures on a Digital camera before and it was lovely to see they where having so much fun.

Sam who is also fully qualified in childcare spent her time with Lilli-Mae who was only 2 years old. Because of her age and small fingers sometimes she would lose the button she needed to press to sam applied a butterfly sticker to the shutter release button which encouraged her to press the shutter button

and her hold the camera with ease. Lillli-Mae absolutely loved having a camera and really liked taking pictures of bugs searching for them in the grass, she is a very focussed photographer for only 2 she showed such an interest and didn’t want to give the camera back at the end of the session, we really hope she continues to explore photography as she grows.

Beverley and H wasn’t sure if Gina who was 17 would won’t to join in but she did and wow she was amazing, she captured some truly beautiful pictures for b

everly and H, beaming with pride she often looked back at them smiling showing her family the pictures, she chose to use a 1.8f macro lens and created some beautiful images with perfect bokeh.

She even asked her dad for a camera, I really hope this happened as she has a real natural talent with the camera and I believe she would make an amazing photographer one day very soon.

Most teenagers and younger now see adults taking selfies so often so we encourage them use the camera viewing the world infant of them exploring there surroundings learning what the buttons are for and how movement from them changes the way an image can appear.

The way all of the children framed there images was incredible they were all different and very talented in there own way ,there natural ability to use the rule of thirds for the composition on most of their images with out even realising was really lovely to see.

After the photography session we all went inside and whilst I was uploading all the images on to the computer ready to put on to there own usb Sam run the craft session which they all enjoyed to with little lilli-man telling us camera kids are the best.

I showed each of them there images complimenting them talking about what we liked most about there image, they where left feeling so proud and happy, everyone of them said they would love us to stay all night, to have a variety of ages 2 all the way up to 17 was great. Cameras are for all ages and can entertain children for hours, I really hope they continue to explore photography.

Once all the USB’s where in the hand made gift boxes made and filled by the children, they where posted in the post box for beverly and h to enjoy, The children then all received a certificate for their outstanding photography and gave us a high five as we left.

They where really great kids to work with and we enjoyed every minute, we know their family would be proud of them as we are. We really hope they all continue to be exposed to photography in there younger years its a great skill to have and I believe a child with a camera can never be bored! 

I want to take this opportunity to wish Beverley and H a healthy and happy life together and thank you both for choosing camera kids to be at your day.

I also want to thank fanhams hall for seeing the success we had running this experience at their venue and since having us onboard as one of there children’s entertainment suppliers.

Me and Sam both left feeling excited and happy and full of more ideas for our future weddings.

I also really hope we encourage parents to allow their children to use a digital camera, not ones made by children’s toy companies but ones made by the likes of fuji film and other brands that specialise in photography and camera systems.

Camera Kids 2018